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Established in January, 2005, i010.com employees take pride in offering customer-oriented support in the industry. Everyday hundreds of businesses trust i010.com with their web presence, reinforcing the i010.com tradition of industry-leading customer service, top-notch network reliability, unsurpassed prices, and innovative services.

i010.com provides low-cost feature-rich web and email hosting, web page design and application development as well as dedicated server services. i010.com business model emphasizes service to small and medium sized enterprises, allowing them to do e-commerce and focus on their core competencies while i010.com handles their Internet site.

i010.com strongly believes that the environment where the servers are located is as important to our client's websites as the services our clients are receiving. i010.com's Data Centers are strategically located to minimize traffic hops and optimize performance. All our Data Centers feature Power Management System which includes uninterrupted power supplies, diesel power generators and customer dedicated circuit breaker protections. We also have fire zones above the ceiling and below the floor, specialized heat/smoke sensors and automatic fire department notification. Our Mainframe Style Construction includes HVAC, separate cooling zones, and seismically braced racks. Our server hosting facility also uses scalable areas; cabinets, full open racks, shared open racks, and are secured by video camera surveillance and security breach alarm. Our Network Operations Center is a high security facility, and no customer is permitted to enter this area. With dedicated online support center, our certified technicians are monitoring the equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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